Sierralta joins faculty at UH Mānoa's School of Architecture in Honolulu.


Karla Sierralta is currently an Assistant Professor at U of H, where she leads the Basic Design Studio and teaches Special Topic Courses. Her research focuses on Endemic Tropical Design, Inhabitation, Design Communication and Design Advocacy.

Prior to joining the University of Hawaii's School of Architecture, she served as Curator of the first year graduate studios at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, where she focused on Design Fundamentals and Dwelling. Since 2006, she has held a series of teaching positions where she has led Advanced Studios that explored the future of the metropolis both in the US and Latin America. 

How do we inhabit the planet responsibly?

How do we meet the demands of evolving cities?

How do we design for and with people?

These are fundamental questions that we should ask ourselves as we teach and learn how to design the built environment. This process simultaneously commands rigor, precision and responsibility, as well as empathy, poetry and imagination.

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