Ski-in, ski-out home on the main run of the slopes of Squaw Valley, CA directly below the nation's only funitel.

"Ski On Home" is included in Braun publishing's book Chalets - Trendsetting Mountain Treasures, was awarded Tahoe's Modern Mountain Home Award and was selected for Dwell Magazine's "Houses We Love". It has also been featured in Dwell Online, Fast Company, Architectural Digest, Men's Health, ABC's Nightline, and was exhibited in the traveling exhibition "SUB 40 + FRESHLATINO". 


This is not a home for a family of four. It is a year-round, family lodge organized to capture epic views and for ski-in, ski-out access on all levels.

Located on arguably one of the best sites in Squaw Valley, "Ski On Home" has expansive views of the terrain including KT-22, the main run and the valley and village below. A stacking and stretching strategy was utilized to open up each space to views of the landscape. The family loft sits on the uppermost level, the ski room and bedrooms occupy the middle level and the guest suite and garage embrace the entry plaza.


The home, nestled into the landscape for natural insulation and protection from avalanches, is tuned to the mountain environment and lifestyle.

From the flat roof that prevents excessive snow drifting, to the green roof off the kitchen that provides access to fresh herbs and vegetables, to the operable glass walls in the ski room that open the space entirely up to the outside, to the self contained guest suite on the ground floor with its own private access, "Ski On Home" is calibrated to the site and to the family's activities.


The ski room sits at the center of the home, opening directly onto the main ski run, welcoming in friends and family to warm up in front of the fire, grab a beer or hit the sauna.

The ski room is designed to make being a gracious host easy. The radiant floors are covered with recycled rubber so tracked in snow dries up on its own. The six foot long fireplace has a wrap around concrete bench for warming up cold skiers. The wet bar is easily stocked with beer and other beverages. Perhaps best of all, the sauna suite is roomy enough to accommodate a group of friends at the end of a day.


A wide variety of prototypes were used across the entire design process.

A series of massing models were made to better understand how to fully integrate outdoor living spaces into the complex terrain. More detailed experience models were utilized for scenario planning and user journey design. On-site, full scale mock-ups were also built during the construction process to help the homeowners visualize critical design moments and finishes. 



Design: Strawn+Sierralta

Structural Engineering: Jason Atwood, P.E.

Contractor: Markus Burkhart Construction

Steel Fabrication: Hunter Metal

Energy Consultant: Altman Consulting

Geotechnical Consulting: Holdrege and Kull

Photography: Diego Sierralta-Leon