Professionally trained at IIT's Institute of Design (the New Bauhaus), we help clients figure out “what to make” before working on “how to make ”.


Design leader Patrick Whitney suggests a "third way". A process that combines both "rigor and creativity" is needed to tackle the issues that face us today, "a methods-based, human-centered approach to global challenges". Strawn + Sierralta follows this lineage of thought and integrates design methodologies with architecture's systems-thinking approach.


We conduct generative user research, from in context, one-on-one interviews with end users to co-creation sessions with client stakeholders. Discovering what users value and how they navigate through the world is the foundation for every project.


service design

Today, services are more complex than ever, often blending multiple digital ecosystems with a series of spatial settings. Unpacking these hybrid journeys and sharing them in highly visual and approachable ways allows the project team to design breakthrough user experiences.



Experiential prototypes move projects forward faster. Bringing them into the process as early as possible allows users to give feedback when cost of discovery is low. Prototypes are utilized across the entire design process to pose the right questions at the right time.