National Geographic publishes "A Place of Remembrance",  the official book of the 9/11 Memorial, including Strawn + Sierralta's award winning design.


"With photographs and architectural plans never before published, paired with comments in the very voices of those who witnessed the event, those who struggled in its shadow for days and months after, and those who have dedicated the years since to rebuilding a place of hope and meditation at Ground Zero.  The book recalls the excitement and symbolism of the Twin Towers, the horror and chaos of the attack of 9/11, the fierce devotion and exhaustion as rescue of living victims became recovery of remains. But it also carries on from that date in history to tell the inside story of the long, complex, and sometimes contentious efforts to turn eight acres of Downtown Manhattan into a lasting memorial to those lost in New York, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon. This is the official book published by and about the National September 11 Memorial, created by those who have been working for years to honor those who died that day."

- ALLISON BLAIS & LYNN RASIC, Authors Description



"The attacks of September 11, 2001, changed our world forever, and they brought loss and grief on a scale we had never known. But the aftermath of the attacks also revealed stories of heroism and sacrifice that inspired us all. They brought us an even deeper appreciation for, and commitment to, our country’s founding freedoms. And they brought a powerful sense of unity not just to Americans, but also to people around the world. Out of the ashes of that clear September morning arose what the terrorists could never destroy: hope for a better future, faith in our common humanity, and pride in our country’s freedoms and ideals. 

The memories of all those we lost; the courage of all those who saved others; the solidarity that the world showed us; and the resilience that came to define the aftermath of the attacks—all will live on in the memorial and museum, just as they live on in our hearts. And as long as they do, terrorism cannot and will not prevail in our society."

—MICHAEL R. BLOOMBERG, Mayor of the City of New York, Chair of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum

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