A Learning Space Strategic Plan that explores new learning experiences, their spatial implications and multi-disciplinary initiatives.

Working closely with the Office of the Provost, the team co-developed learning experience prototype settings with faculty, students and administrators. Custom workshop tools and frameworks were utilized to facilitate visioning sessions for campus-wide planning initiatives. 


Santa Clara University's idyllic campus, nestled in Silicon Valley, is transforming its learning environments.

Learning spaces are located in historic structures clustered around the original Santa Clara Mission as well as in new, state-of-the-art facilities. As older classrooms and lecture halls need renovation and new buildings are being planned, campus leadership undertook a strategic study of current and emerging pedagogies that will need to be accommodated by future learning environments. Most teaching spaces will be part of the shared, centrally scheduled pool, so will need to support multiple pedagogy styles. 



Users were active partners in reimagining future learning experiences.

The expectations and aspirations of both faculty and students are critical to the design of more effective spaces for learning. Students brainstormed their own ideal learning experiences, which directly informed the planning of the pilot process. User insights were shared not only about formal teaching spaces, but also about digital technology, blended learning preferences, and the distribution and quality of informal learning learning space across campus.



Pilot learning spaces are designed to test a wide variety of pedagogy styles before wider rollout.

Pilot spaces were designed with direct feedback from users in workshops with custom prototyping tools.  Each pilot setting focused on testing particular affordances to support enhanced learning experiences, with flexibility to accommodate multiple pedagogy styles and activities.



User Research and Design Strategy: Brian Strawn

Space Strategy and Academic Planning: Shirley Dugdale (Dugdale Strategy)