Reimagining the processes and spatial experiences across Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center's check-in/check-out environments. 

Design directions for an environment embedded with interactive touchpoints that support a series of new user journeys, providing patients and caregivers access to shared, real-time information during healthcare journeys in order to reduce stress and to be able to properly focus on next steps.


Dozens of patients, healthcare providers, and administrators were interviewed, observed and invited to be active partners in co-creating designs.

This process driven project brings together the insights and design principles of four other research initiatives through the development of a series of robust user journeys. These were tested against new program distributions, spatial organizations and the introduction of responsive, interactive technologies. A scaled, spatial model and full-scale touchpoint prototypes were used as focal devices for stakeholder decision making. 


How will a patient interact with this new environment and streamlined process of check-in / check-out?

How might digital technologies reduce stress during an often confusing series of healthcare procedures? How might spaces themselves react to real time patient flow and guide users to their next destination?

Service blueprints and user journeys were developed to test multiple iterations of digital and physical environments. A stop-motion video, narrated from the patient's point of view, was produced to share the learnings and results with leadership and other key stakeholders. 


Service Design, User Research and Environments: Brian Strawn and Allison Tran

MSKCC Strategy and Innovation: Wendy Perchick, Ophelia Chiu, Irish Malig, Toi Valentine


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