Exhibition design that marks the Institute of Design’s 75th Anniversary and highlights the current student works in the annual End of Year Show event.


The design processes taught at ID are intangible by nature and the exploratory works produced by students are not viewed in context of the institution's influential heritage.

 The exhibition design creates a focused environment that pairs ID's historic, "Knowledge Box" with a modern interpretation, "Concept Loop", juxtaposing current student works with an archived piece celebrating its 50th year.


Featured in Life Magazine upon its completion in 1962, the very blue Knowledge Box is part of ID's permanent archive at the Art Institute.

The compact, immersive design surrounds viewers with an audio and video collage inside its all white interior. A new piece, know as the Concept Loop, was designed in dialogue with the Knowledge Box. It is a framework composed of external surfaces that encourages exploration. It highlights a collection of searchable stories, rather than presenting a singular message. 

Patient 1.JPG


Designed to be physically large, the Concept Loop behaves as an object of exploration, causing visitors to move through the entire space.

Its surfaces are covered with student projects ranging from posters, to physical objects to videos being shown on flat panel monitors. Some of the work is clustered by theme, while other works are installed next to one another to highlight contrasting points of view. This free organization of projects is intended to encourage browsing, stimulate conversation and to create moments of serendipity. 


The Archive App is designed to allow users to access more information about projects.

Each object on display is tagged with 6 attributes: Student Name, Project Name, Faculty Advisor, Course Name, Program of Study and Project Year. This search capability allows potential employers to learn more about specific students or offer friends and family a deeper understanding about the students field of study. 


Installation Design: Strawn + Sierralta and Martin Thaler

UX Concept: Strawn + Sierralta

Structural Consulting: Louis Shell Structures and Timo Schmidt

Prototype Construction: Ed Koizumi, Matt Mayfield, Martin Thaler, Brian Strawn, Karla Sierralta, Jusien Yong, Diego Bernardo and Patricia Wang