Custom, scalable innovation processes, taught in workshops to Hyatt's frontline staff, for developing, prototyping and testing concepts in-house.


Hyatt's Chief Innovation Officer, Jeff Semenchuck, brought together IIT's Institute of Design and Stanford's in an effort to globally spread innovation across Hyatt.

Semenchuck's revolutionary idea to turn every Hyatt into a laboratory for innovation, known as "Lab Hotels" started by engaging with 500+ Hyatt colleagues, guests, and outside experts during the course of 40 idea-generation sessions in Chicago, New Orleans, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, and London. The concept was then rolled out globally by joining forces with two of the world's leading design institutions, the and the Institute of Design.


In order for widespread innovation to take root across Hyatt, hotel staff were invited to become an integral part of the design process.

ID and the developed training modules tailored for Hyatt and prototyped them with teams in Chicago, London, Santa Clara and Hong Kong before being shared with the next Lab Hotels. 

Pictured is a team of twenty, front-of-house employees that were selected for "Lab Hotel" innovation training in Hong Kong at the Sha Tin Hyatt Regency. Over four days the group was trained with the fourth iteration of the education modules.


Hyatt employees tested their concepts for innovative new services and products on real Hyatt guests in Hyatt-branded spaces.

A Lab Hotel is a full immersion research, prototyping and testing facility. It is not a single room set aside for a select crew of outside designers and consultants. It is the chef testing new recipes in the kitchen, it is the room attendants prototyping new amenities on real guests, it is the concierge offering extended services and recording preferences. A Lab Hotel develops initiatives in-house and shares learnings with a network of other Lab Hotels. 


User Research and Design Strategy: Kyle Duke, Angelica Espinosa, Will Skelton, Brian Strawn

Hyatt Hotels: Jeff Semenchuck (Chief Innovation Officer), Megan Breen (Innovation Specialist)

Ampersand: Roger Mader