As architects dedicated to healthy and livable communities and guided by scientific consensus and reason, we advocate for action on Climate Change.


We believe a healthy environment is a civil right.

We need to enact meaningful legislation to mitigate Climate Change.

As architects, speak out publicly and share how your knowledge and actions create livable communities. 


Multiple studies published in peer‐reviewed scientific journals show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate‐warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. In addition, most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.

What is Architects Advocate?

Architects Advocate is a public outreach initiative that gives voice to an important issue that affects healthy and livable communities and cities. Currently, it consists of 114 firms (92 Chicago and 14 U.S. architecture companies and 8 industry‐ related firms), which are speaking out publicly in support of action on Climate Change.


How was Architects Advocate started?

Architects Advocate started on July 22, 2016 when the 4 partners at Krueck + Sexton Architects unanimously agreed to launch the initiative. Over the next 6 weeks, leading up to the public launch on Sept 1, 2016, Krueck + Sexton collaborated with Peter Exley with Architecture is Fun, the campaign’s first supporter, by combining professional network connections and reaching out to fellow Chicago architects with an invitation to join.


Why Climate Change?

Because the potentially irreversible negative impacts of Climate Change overshadow all other environmental threats. It is the defining issue of our time.

If the only global home we have – mother Earth – becomes uninhabitable, our children’s children will have no future.

We believe it is important for the general public and those who are entrusted to legislate and govern to hear from professional groups, because a scalable solution to Climate Change will come from a combination of meaningful policy and businesses taking action.

Architects Advocate does not accept the relative lack of progress on the policy level. We can and must do better.


Why now?

We are experiencing a time of unprecedented transformations in how businesses, the public, the media, and politics, interact and influence each other. For the foreseeable future, political partisanship and gridlock will likely result in needed policy changes being implemented too slowly, even though significant majorities of the electorate are supporting action to mitigate Climate Change.


Why architects?

Architects are in the business of creating healthy and livable cities and communities.

In the United States, buildings (114 million households and more than 4.7 million commercial buildings) account for almost 40 percent of total U.S. energy use and associated CO2 emissions, and for 72 percent of U.S. electricity use (USDE).

The architecture community is on the front line addressing Climate Change in a meaningful way. For everyone, we believe this is THE challenge and opportunity of our time.

The Architects Advocate collaboration reinforces all architects’ commitment to designing prosperous and verdant communities, and securing the future for coming generations through architecture.



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