Ski On Home featured in "New American Dream: Rent, Not Own?"

Strawn + Sierralta's project was part of this Nightline story looking at the emerging "Sharing Economy", including an interview with Airbnb CEO, Brian Chesky. Ski On Home is organized so that homeowners can easily welcome Airbnb guests to stay in their home, while enjoying the mountain lifestyle in Squaw Valley, California.

Is renting the new reality? Even with mortgage rates at historic lows, more and more Americans are choosing to rent instead of buy, and its not just homes. Car ownership rates for people under 30 have plummeted in recent years and new and creative ways to rent everything from futons to baby clothes are cropping up everywhere, but does it really make economic sense not to buy?

In the wake of this economic environment people are realizing that access is more powerful than ownership, it is more economically sustainable... We use to be a bit more defined by the things we owned, this idea of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’, and now it is this idea of ‘sharing with the Joneses’.

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