Strawn.Sierralta is a young architecture and design studio based in Chicago, Illinois.

We dedicate ourselves to only a few exciting projects at a time, and are deeply committed to investigating the specific qualities of each project - its natural, cultural, social and political environments. Our goal is to find fresh solutions that are simple, bold, innovative and unexpected.

Strawn.Sierralta has received both national and international recognition, including being named the Chicago Architectural Club and the AIA's Emerging Vision in 2007.


Modern Mountain Home Award for the Ski-On Home, Tahoe Quarterly, 2011
Emerging Visions Award, Chicago Architectural Club, 2007
IBM Engineering Innovation Award for Lake Effect, The History Channel’s City of the Future, 2006
Gold Star Award for House Made of Cups, Global Green Sustainable Design Competition, 2006
Emerging Visions Finalist, Chicago Architectural Club, 2005
McCormick Tribune Foundation Competition Finalist, 2005
Ford Calumet Environmental Center Competition Finalist, 2004
Green Tent Design Competition First Prize Award, 2004
Notable Entry Award, Paris 2012 Olympic Landmark Competition, 2004
World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition Finalist, 2003


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