Ski On Home

The ground floor, embraced by warm gray concrete, contains the guest suite, gym and main entry. The circular drive allows for easy snow removal, while the overhang of the middle floor protects the area in front of the main entry from falling snow.

Clad in hand-patinated, copper panels and insulated by a green roof, the middle floor stretches out to provide views to every room. The Ski Room is surrounded on three sides by floor-to-ceiling, sliding glass walls and can open completely to the Ski Terrace. A fireplace, wet bar and sauna suite frame the rear of the Ski Room and invite friends and family off the slopes for a quick drink or a place to warm up and relax.

The top level, wrapped in reclaimed Redwood from an extant Californian log flume, holds the Family Loft. Inspired by the lift towers that dot the mountain, the loft’s steel structure is left exposed, while the space is opened up to panoramic views of the mountainside. The Green Roof and BBQ Patio sit just outside the kitchen, where an external stair leads to an overlook just above the loft.

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